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Four Tips for An Investment Portfolio in Any Rate Environment

By Robert Perry and Jason Haley12.10.2018

As credit unions continue to be challenged by rising rates, thin net interest margins, and tricky pricing decisions, a well-thought-out...


Employment Law Update

By Jones Waldo12.10.2018

As reported in Salt Lake City’s Deseret News this week, a newly-released American Family Survey (a joint project between the...


Pricing, FTEs per Channel, Branch Role All Discussed

By CUToday.info12.10.2018

How do the best lenders do it? A half-dozen of the very best gathered here to share their strategies, as...

M & BD

Lessons I Have Learned from Talking to Credit Unions and Banks This Year

By Meredith Olmstead12.10.2018

We've had a truly amazing year at FI GROW. From our rebranding in April to adding some amazing new team...

O & ME

How to Make a Successful Digital Transformation

By Lisa Nicholas12.10.2018

Digital transformation is a popular phrase in the industry today, and it has different meanings for different people. 


How Better Training, Cybersecurity Upgrades Made One Credit Union Safer

By Michael Bartlett12.10.2018

America’s Christian Credit Union, Glendora, Calif., reduced its cybersecurity threat plane by 90 percent by upgrading both its hardware and...

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