New CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council White Paper Examines Leading Through Influence

By CUNA Councils10.13.2020

As the largest collective source of member interaction and service delivery for the credit union, operations and member experience not only encompasses many specialties, it also relies heavily on the support of other areas to fulfill its mission to members. Those major areas include lending, marketing, technology, and compliance. This white paper examines the responsibility operations and member experience executives have to influence and collaborate with other functional areas to achieve departmental, service/experience, and enterprise-level goals. Specific discussion areas include:

  • Ways in which operations and member experience leaders rely on support from other credit union departments;
  • Tips for building relationships with other credit union areas to achieve various goals;
  • Views on how influence looks, sounds, and feels different than direct management or supervision;
  • Thoughts on how operations and member experience executives are leading their credit unions and creating greater collaboration through influence;
  • Suggestions for folding in mentorship, coaching, and guidance within one’s sphere of influence;
  • The role of process automation and other efficiencies toward accomplishing tasks and achieving goals; and
  • Reflections on successful partnerships: how goals are defined and worded for inter-departmental accountability.

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