New CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council White Paper: The Great Potential Debate

By CUNA Councils10.07.2019

The CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council has published a new white paper, The Great Potential Debate.

Employees’ combination of attributes, from hard skill sets to attitudes and outlooks to motivations and passion for their work, are invaluable but largely intangible. As a result, when—and how—should a credit union hire or promote an employee based on their individual potential, rather than their current hard skills?

Recruiting and retaining talented employees with the potential to fuel performance is an ongoing challenge for credit unions. Yet hiring employees solely based on their potential, rather than their current skills, can be tricky in a fast-paced environment where meeting members’ needs must come first. The “great performance debate” focuses on whether potential or skills matters more in finding, nurturing, and retaining talented employees.

This white paper explores how credit unions are responding to their need for selecting employees by:

  • Weighing the role of skills and potential,
  • Changing workplace practices to nurture employees’ potential for growth,
  • Considering individuals’ alignment with organizational values, and
  • Updating performance evaluation practices to provide ongoing feedback that encourages employees to achieve their potential.

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