Digital Workspace Improves Internal Communication

By Passageways11.07.2018

Today’s younger workforce, encompassing Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z, have new expectations about how to integrate technology into the workplace.

Having grown up with social media, bearing witness to a daily stream of likes, shares, and comments has given them a platform to be valued, listened to, and given a sense of belonging. This has impacted our work lives as well.

As employees, we want comprehensible goals, coherent plans for getting there, and confidence in the value of our contributions toward those goals. We want to feel valued, listened to, and part of the team.

A recent global survey of 26,000 LinkedIn members, taken by the research firm Imperative, found that 73% of respondents want a career in which they feel their job matters. Put simply, employees today are looking for “purpose.”

Internal communications is the central pillar of an engaged organization and essential to drive purpose. By deploying a system that provides transparency of an organization’s shared goals, each individual can see their direct impact.

Here are some benefits of driving purpose through effective internal communication.

1. Higher productivity

2. Engagement and reduced turnover

3. Open communication & transparency

Organizations need to establish fast and reliable channels to reach all employees at once. That’s why the top priority for organizations must be to invest in tools like the modern-day intranet that creates an open environment of communication and collaboration.

By equipping employees with a digital workspace, organizations can ensure they are in control of the message, that goals are articulated in real-time, and that important information is never lost under a deluge of emails.

We live in the digital age, and communications need to be fast, reliable and accurate. Technology can transform an organization when accompanied with a well-planned, effective strategy.

But make no mistake: Deploying resources to improve how communication and collaboration occur in a digital workplace can be a key driver of future success. Individuals responsible for the internal communication need to confidently put their ideas on the boardroom agenda.

Companies need to put internal communication and employee engagement on the top of their list of priorities.

via CUNA News