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NCUA Releases 2020 Supervisory Priorities

By Dinny Lechman01.27.2020

For 2020, examiners will be looking at credit risk management, specifically at underwriting procedures and standards and if the credit...


Changes to Workplace Law for 2020

By Emily Dickens01.27.2020

There are several new laws taking effect this year. We’ve compiled many of these changes so you can learn more...


Economic and Lending Trends Webcast Recap

By Bill Meyer01.27.2020

Going forward, Eisenberg said GDP potential is limited by “very weak” population growth and labor productivity growth. He said credit...

M & BD

Better than Traditional Marketing, Says One CU

By Ray Birch01.27.2020

West Community CU in O’Fallon, Missouri, has begun offering Plinqit—a brandable, savings app owned by startup Ann Arbor, Mich.-based HT...

O & ME

The Rise of the Human Relationship Debt Crisis

By John DiJulius01.27.2020

From a business standpoint, a decrease in human interaction decreases emotional connection and loyalty to brands. From a societal standpoint,...


Why Penetration Tests Are So Essential

By Steve King01.27.2020

One of the most effective ways to identify vulnerabilities is to conduct a risk assessment. And the guts of a good...


Three Strategies to Help Credit Unions Compete in 2020

By Eddie Davis01.21.2020

Credit unions hold unique advantages that inspire loyalty among their membership, including lower rates on loans, higher average rates on...


The Hard Truth Around Cyber Security Awareness Programs

By J. C. Gaillard01.21.2020

Culture and governance are key to drive change around cyber security behaviors, but too many awareness programs focus simply on...

O & ME

When Doing Things Right Is the Wrong Thing to Do

By Dave Brock01.21.2020

As much as we want to do things right, doing so would actually be wrong, we would not achieve what...

M & BD

What Does It Take to Redesign a Credit Union Website?

By Derik Krauss01.21.2020

You’ve decided to redo your credit union website design. Or maybe you’re still just thinking about it. Either way, it’s probably...

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