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App Encourages Financial Literacy with Prizes

By Ron Jooss01.16.2019

To help millennials improve their financial literacy and decision making, $616 million asset Merrimack Valley Credit Union (MVCU) has launched...


PODCAST: Are fintechs friends or foes?

By Jennifer Plager01.16.2019

As fintechs continue to increase their presence in the financial services industry, credit unions must decide to either form partnerships...


Seven Tips to Retain Deposits

By Ron Jooss01.16.2019

As loan growth continues to outpace deposit growth at many credit unions, Jan Trifts, strategic advisor with Raddon, offers these...

M & BD

Strategic Philanthropy Boosts Impact

By Andy Roquet01.16.2019

Brumskine recommends taking three steps to put your credit union on the strategic philanthropy path.


‘CU Green’ Boosts Clean Energy

By Ron Jooss01.16.2019

Toddlers play game on tablets and young children use hashtags and emojis—and these same tech-savvy kids will someday be in...


HR Rock Star: A simple strategy for success

By CUNA News Staff01.16.2019

Stephanie DeGrand has a simple strategy for human resource (HR) success. She puts herself in her employee’s shoes, and that...


Overdraft Revenue Increases with Uncertainty

By Michael Moebs01.14.2019

It is unusual for OD revenue to increase, yet still show uncertainty as it does for 2019.


Employment Law Update

By Jones Waldo01.14.2019

The latest news from the world of employment law.


Government Shutdown Grinds SBA Lending to a Halt

By John Reotsi01.14.2019

Several industry experts say the SBA's inability to process and approve loan applications is creating a backlog while leaving small...

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Branding Meets Reputation Management: Q&A with Casey Boggs

By Mark Arnold01.14.2019

Reputation management primarily comes down to listening to people. What are they saying about you, and does it match what...

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