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CUNA Technology Council Publishes New “Data Masterplan” White Paper

By CUNA Councils09.24.2020

The CUNA Technology Council has published a new white paper, “The Data Masterplan: Developing an Enterprise Data Strategy.”

O & ME

Mapping a Way to Insights

By Jennifer Plager09.23.2020

The best way to understand a process isn’t by going to the experts who designed it. Rather, it’s by asking...


PODCAST: Making payment cards sustainable

By Jennifer Plager09.23.2020

Max Michieli remembers the moment he realized the shocking amount of single-use plastic being produced, a realization that ignited his...


Difference Between Good and Great Decisions

By Tony Ferris09.23.2020

Fundamentally, having the wherewithal and processes to identify, quantify, and internalize potential future scenarios and events facilitates informed decisions. At...

M & BD

Business Development Reimagined

By Ron Jooss09.23.2020

When the four school districts she supports began organizing for fall classes, Katie Templet, member relations officer at $211 million...


CARES Act Lending Issues

By Jared Ihrig09.23.2020

PPP borrowers should anticipate a review of their calculations by a certified public accountant to confirm they’re achieving the highest...


Remote Work: A Long-term Trend?

By Ron Jooss09.23.2020

Remote work has become a part of life for many credit union employees due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Many wonder...


Weighing the Strength of a Barbell Investment Strategy

By Frank Lugo09.21.2020

It’s called a “barbell” because it’s heavily weighted with bonds at both ends of the maturity timeline. Few, if any,...


10 Virtual Onboarding Tips for Remote Employees

By Brett Farmiloe09.21.2020

By making a well-executed onboarding process, you can be sure that you’re setting your new team members up to be...


Alternative Lending Could Fill Gap for Consumer Cash Needs

By Ed Marcheselli09.21.2020

And the need for access to credit is real. The Federal Reserve’s annual survey finds that 40 percent of Americans would...

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